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TimeSavers distributes dock boards, plates and ramps from leading manufacturers such as Copperloy and Bluff Manufacturing. These boards, plates and ramps will assist in making a smooth connection between the dock opening and the truck, allowing products to be transported on or off the truck with ease.

We are a major authorized distributor for over a hundred material handling manufacturers. To get more information on our dock boards, plates and ramps, as well as find the exact solution you are looking for, please contact us directly.

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We sell Dock Board Plates & Ramps from the industry manufacturers. Designed for many different industries and applications.

Dock Boards

Capacity:  10000 – 20000 lbs

Width:  54”- 84”

Length:  30”- 96”

Height Difference:  +4” to +16”

Weight:  99 – 361 lbs


  • Steel with welded curbs
  • Aluminum with welded curbs
  • Aluminum with bolt-on steel curbs

Dock Plates

Dock plates are used to bridge a gap from one area to another in material handling operation. Since the plate is a flat piece of metal with a slight bend for easy transition, it doesn’t have curbs. The lack of curbs makes them ideal for loading and unloading with dollies and pallet jacks, as well as when making irregular or sharp turns where a curb could get in the way.

Used in lighter weight applications, they are available in either steel or aluminum construction. While the aluminum dock plate design features lifting straps for easy mobility, the steel dock plate comes with a one piece lift chain for ease of movement.

Dock plates are available in both standard and special order configurations. They can be custom manufactured to any specification, size or requirement.

Capacity:  700 – 14000 lbs.

Width:  36” – 72”

Length:  24” – 72”

Height Difference:  +3” to +12”

Weight:  56 – 853 lbs

Dock Railboards are designed to connect a dock with a railcar. Several design applications are available including rectangular, flared, refrigerator car, car to car and plug door cars.


  • Rugged all welded steel construction.
  • Heavy understructure for safety and durability.
  • Drop through lift loops or lift chains standard.
  • Available in rectangular or flared.
  • Heavy understructure spans the gap and locks ramp into place with 8″ automatic ring adjustments (14″ max adjustment).

Capacity:  Up to 80000 lbs


  • 8-foot Level Off
  • 15-inch Lip
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Smooth Side Plates
  • Low End Plate
  • Deck Grating On Our Yard Ramps
  • Safety Curbs
  • 18-inch Solid/Pneumatic Tires
  • The Yard Ramp Positioning Sleeve
  • Towbar

Capacity:  16000 – 30000 lbs

Length:  36 ft.

Overall width:  70”- 96”

Usable Width:  62”- 88”

Weight:  4700 – 7870 lbs

Height:  38”- 65”

Curb Ramps make going up and over curbs easy. It is a lightweight ramp that has two handles with rounded edges for easy pick-up, carrying and handling.

The raised non-slip surface with 1″ side railed proves for excellent traction in all weather conditions on curbs or steps up to 8″ high. Constructed of high visibility safety yellow HDPE for durable use with up to a 600 lbs. load.

Capacity:  600 lbs

Width:  27”

Length:  27”

Weight:  9 lbs


Thank you for your interest in TimeSavers Material Handling! Please submit your requirements and one of our representatives will contact you with the best options available.

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