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TimeSavers is a distributor of all types of Electrification and Controls for Cranes. Conductor Bars, Festoon Systems, Remote Controls, and more are available. We sell Crane accessories from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, including Duct-O-Wire, INMOTION Controls, and Conductix Wampfler

We are a major authorized distributor for over a hundred material handling manufacturers. This page shows a sampling of the Crane Electrification & Controls that we provide. To get more information on our entire Crane solutions, as well as find the exact solution you are looking for, please contact us directly.

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We are a distributor of all types of Electrification and Controls for Cranes. Designed for many different industries and applications.

Conductor bars are a safe and economical method to provide electric power to mobile equipment. There are six unique systems for virtually any need from 100 to 1500 amperes and more.

Capacity:  40 – 1600 amps

Maximum Speed:  900 – 2000 feet/minute

Cable Festoon Systems are used to support, protect, and manage power/data cables or air/fluid hoses. These systems are particularly suitable for demanding environments, such as in mills and at port facilities. They are also ideal for overhead cranes, gantry cranes, water treatment systems, car wash systems, bulk material conveyors, plating lines, and many other types of moving equipment.

There is a complete array of cable and festoon hardware to choose from, and accessories such as cable connectors, tow cable, tow webbing, cable organizers, junction boxes, and Push Button Pendants

Industrial Festoon Systems

Cable & Track Systems

  • 14 Gauge C-Track and 12 Gauge C-Track systems are available in galvanized or stainless steel for flat or round cable and air hoses.
  • Factory pre-formed curves in 14 gauge systems are available in 4′, 5′, 6′, and 7′ radii. Custom curves can be bent to a minimum of 40″.
  • Aluminum track is available for pipe type trolleys for both straight and curved systems.
  • Wire supported systems available for both flat and round cables.
  • Pendant control trolleys with Quick Plug disconnects available.

Special Applications & Services

  • Stainless steel and brass bearings for special applications.
  • Precision bearing available in both 14 and 12 gauge sizes for long life wear and high speeds.
  • Both steel and plastic saddles available for flat and round cables.
  • Pre-assembled systems with cables on trolleys and packed for rapid installation.
  • Standard cables available in sizes ranging from #4AWG to #16AWG.
  • Cable fittings in both cast metal with grommets and non-metallic shrink type.
  • Tiered saddles for special cable loads or configurations.

Capacity:  40 – 1600 amps

Maximum Speed:  900 – 2000 feet/minute

Transmitter Information:

Frequency:  310 & 433 MHz

Typical Operating Range:  300 ft.

Power Supply:  2 X 1.5V “AA” Battery

Average Power Consumption:  10mA – 45 mA

Protection Degree:  IP65

Overall Dimensions:  4.72” x 2.17” x 1” – 13.2” x 9.2” x 2.1”

Receiver Information:

Frequency:  310 – 433 MHz

Power Supply:  110 ~120 VAC (Standard) or 12/24/48/220 (Optional)

Overall Dimensions:  6.34”x 2.91”x 2.05” – 12.20”x 6.30”x 3.74”


Thank you for your interest in TimeSavers Material Handling! Please submit your requirements and one of our representatives will contact you with the best options available.

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