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Conveyor Systems are one of the most important aspects of the production of goods. Nearly everything that is manufactured or mass-produced has to travel along conveyors at some point. TimeSavers offers gravity conveyors from the markets leading manufacturers, including LewcoInc, Omni Metalcraft, and Roll-A-Way Conveyors.

We are a major authorized distributor for over a hundred material handling manufacturers. To get more information on our entire conveyor systems solutions, as well as find the exact solution you are looking for, please contact us directly.

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We sell Gravity Conveyors from the markets leading manufacturers. Designed for many different industries and applications.

Gravity Roller Conveyors can transport items that range from small and light weight to large and heavy weight. They are useful in setting up both permanent and temporary conveyor lines in warehousing activities, shipping, and assembly areas. A majority of products will convey with a minimum amount of pitch (slope).


  • Convey loads of Cartons, Totes, Fixtures, Cardboard Boxes
  • Non-Contact Accumulation
  • Unitized
  • Pallet loads when bottom boards are perpendicular or parallel to the rollers
  • Side loading/unloading
  • Accumulation of loads

Roller Centers:  3” – 12”

Overall Width:  12” – 52”

Between Rail Width:  9” – 49”

Weight (per section):  46 – 930 lbs

Skatewheel Conveyors are an economical, lightweight, non-powered conveyor suitable for conveying light products and packages. The free-spinning wheels allow products and packages to be moved manually with little effort. They can also be installed with a slight pitch, allowing gravity to take over. The light weight construction of this conveyor makes it ideal for portable applications. For even greater portability, aluminum options are available.

Overall Width:  12” – 30”

Wheels Per Ft.:  6 – 30

Weight (per section):  18 – 122 lbs

A Ball Transfer Table is used when products need to be manually rotated or correctly positioned, such as at a workstation or during an operation that requires quick, easy handling of the product. Ball Transfer Tables are also used when two or more conveyor lines converge and packages must be transferred from one line to another.

Size:  24”x 24” – 48”x 48”

Spacing:  2” – 6”

Weight:  34 – 250 lbs


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